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Best Books for UPSC Exams

This is the most popular exam, which has fulfilled many dreams of becoming most respected officers almost in all the departments of Government of India. But these exams are also considered as very toughest. There are various obstacles to cross to reach the interview stage, like first the Qualification Criteria, Preliminary test, Mains and then Personal Interview.

The candidates appearing for UPSC join coaching centre for preparation, which includes Current Affairs, General Studies – I, General Studies – II, Language Paper and optional subject. The exam consists of Multiple Choice questions along with descriptive writing; still there is lot more to cover while preparing for this exam. The aspirants try hard to clear this exam, but only some of them are able to clear that too after several attempts.

The UPSC aspirant can find the required books here and order online, there are various payment options to select and make the payment as convenient. So, the UPSC aspirant willing to buy such books can order the same and avail at your doorstep.

BookBook NamePaperbackPrice
general15 IAS Mains Paper 4 Ethics Integrity & Aptitude519 pages Rs. 320.00
general14 IAS Mains Paper 2 Governance Constitution, Polity Social Justice & International Relations664 pages Rs. 380.00
general13 IAS Mains Paper 1 Indian Heritage & Culture History & Geography of the world & Society804 pages Rs. 389.00
general12 IAS Mains Paper 3 Technology Economic Development Bio Diversity Environment, Security & Disaster Management 721 pages Rs. 383.00
general11 Cracking the Civil Services Examination - The Open Secret 206 pages Rs. 100.00
general10 Indian and World Geography: Objective Questions with Explanatory Notes for Civil Services Preliminary Examination270 pages Rs. 129.00
general9 Internal Security for Civil Services Main (GS paper III) by Pearson312 pages Rs. 147.00
general8 Science and Technology for Civil Services Examinations 872 pages Rs. 485.00
general7 India's Struggle for Independence: 1857-1947600 pages Rs. 259.00
general6 A Brief History Of Modern India408 pages Rs. 238.00
general5 History of Modern India 360 pages Rs. 234.00
general4 Indian Economy 850 pages Rs. 350.00
general3 Indian Art and Culture504 pages Rs. 247.00
general2 IAS Mains Chapterwise Solved Papers General Studies 584 pages Rs. 212.00
general1 Indian Polity book852 pages Rs. 385.00
UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam General Studies (Solved Papers)152 pages (2010) Rs. 85.00
151 Supreme Essays: UPSC/State Civil Services and All Other Higher Competitive Exams624 pages (2015) Rs. 169.00
The Gist of NCERT Indian History (Useful for UPSC, PSC, SSC and All Other Examination) (NCERT Series)144 pages (2014) Rs. 95.00
The Gist' of The Hindu, Yojana, Kurukshetra, PIB & Science Reporter Combo (Set of 3 Books) (Civil Services exam)200 pages (2014) Rs. 190.00
UPSC New Syllabus Preliminary and Mains Exam (Hindi)160 pages (2014) Rs. 60.00
The Gist of NCERT Geography (Useful for UPSC, PSC, SSC and All Other Examination) (NCERT Series)112 pages (2014) Rs. 85.00
Pathfinder CDS Entrance Examination Conducted By UPSC1025 pages (2004) Rs. 436.00
UPSC New Syllabus Preliminary and Mains Exam120 pages (2014) Rs. 64.00
20 Years IAS Prelims (CSAT) General Studies Topic-wise Solved Papers (1995-2014) 464 pages (2014) Rs. 280.00
IAS Mains General Studies Chapterwise Solved Papers (2013-1997)295 pages (2014) Rs. 325.00
Syllabus with Planning and Suggestions for UPSC Civil Services Preliminary and Main Examinations 2014120 pages (2009) Rs. 60.00
UPSC- IAS Syllabus(Preliminary and Main) Paperback 134 pages (2013) Rs. 60.00
IAS Mains General Studies Solved Papers (2003-2013)360 pages (2014) Rs. 230.00
UPSC-IFS Compulsory (Paper I & II) Main Exam Guide: A Complete Book for Paper I and Paper II (Popular Master Guide)744 pages (2015) Rs. 306.00
Prachin Bharat Ka Ithihas (Useful Competition Guide for UPSC & PCS Exams)(Hindi) Thread Bound 228 pages (2014) Rs. 135.00
UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam Paper - 1 General Studies 13 years Solved Papers + Syllabus for Civil Services Examination Preliminary & Mains 1st Edition250 pages (2014) Rs. 200.00
Objective General Science with Subjective (Useful for IAS, IES, NDA/NA, CDS, SSC, RAILWAY, IBPS, SBI, AIPMT, AIEEE, JEE, MBA, NCERT & State Service etc.)344 pages (2014) Rs. 175.00
IAS Mains General Studies Paper - 3: Technology Economic Development Bio Diversity Environment, Security & Disaster Management550 pages (2014) Rs. 294.00
IAS Planner 2015 for (Preliminary & Main Examination)144 pages (2014) Rs. 62.00
IAS Preliminary Examination CSAT Papers232 pages (2014) Rs. 107.00
C13 - IAS Mains History Solved Paper (2002 - 2012)326 pages (2013) Rs. 240.00
Jigeesha's Civil Services (Preliminary) Examinations General Science (For IAS/IPS/UPSC Exam)646 pages (2014) Rs. 377.00
Jigeesha's Civil Services (Preliminary) Examinations History of India & Indian National Movement (For IAS/IPS/UPSC Exam)728 pages (2014) Rs. 370.00
Jigeesha's Civil Services (Preliminary) Examinations Indian Polity & Governance (For IAS/IPS/UPSC Exam)568 pages (2014) Rs. 300.00
CCSP IPS Exam Certification Guide (Exam Certification Guides)648 pages (2014) Rs. 4885.56