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Why Extracurricular are more important than academics?

It is always important to receive good marks during the college and other academic institutes. But involving oneself in extracurricular activities and getting the experience like training or internship add more to the overall personality.

Many students don’t realize the importance of extracurricular activities and work experience offers any student to get hands-on experience in the field their desire. It helps them to make connections with different people and also improve their social skills. Besides, it can really show someone the valuable work the students.

It is important that academic subjects and extra-curricular projects complement each other and develop a well-rounded and socially skilled student. With a bundle of many possible extra-curricular activities all around that each student can choose one that appeal to him or her. It ranges from athletics, various sports, scouts, girl guides, debating, music, carom, to paramilitary groups like the NCC and cadets. This list is not even exhaustive. Some students choose more than one project.

Many experts have observed that students who are greatly involved in extra-curricular pursuits tend to improve their academic grades as well. This is the result of increased self-esteem, motivation and better time management. They are good organizing things in the classroom and college. They demonstrate a reduction of at-risk behavior and a heightened sense of belonging, resulting in better behaviour and discipline.

How it adds values for career growth ?

Good hands-on experience is more important than concentrating completely on academics because it means that students have less to learn when they start a new job. Due to the importance of internship, many employers want to avoid wasting time in training a new employee.

Many experts in human resource department feel that most of questions for college graduates or fresh engineering students have nothing to do with grades. The questions focus more on the personal qualities and about past job experience.

When a student is involved in extracurricular activities, not only do they get that experience, they get the chance or opportunity to meet different people through the process or experience. Nowadays, many employers care about what the students know instead of who the students know. Having good social and interpersonal skills are considered very important for anybody in the career because employers want to make sure they hire people who doesn’t have the ability to communicate well and they also feel it could harm their brand value by lacking it.

Having prior work experience and intense passion for involvement in extracurricular activities can really show to future employers the students disciple and positive work attitude. Getting good grades in school or college can prove that the student has worked hard, but will it really matter 10 years down the line that the student always turned in their homework ?

What would be more impressive than proving student can hit the books is that they took the time to be involved in a sports club, social activities club or to help tutor other students while maintaining good grades. This can show to future employers their valuable work ethic. If a student is a leader of an organizational group or club, it shows that they possess the leadership skills and know how to take control of things. If the student has devoted his time to help tutor someone or if they were even a teacher's assistant, it shows their commitment and dedication to their work, and that they are making a big difference in someone’s life. Mostly, extracurricular activities show that they have time management skills because they were able to balance a number of different things or works. Thought it may not sound like it's as important, but it takes much more work to receive good grades while being involved on campus and perhaps having a job, rather than just using all the time to focus on one particular thing. It's impressive if they can prove that they are able to handle more than one task at a time and a good multi tasker.

Why it is important for pursing education abroad ?

Extracurricular activities add value when the student in the process of moving to a new country, grasping a second language, and adapting to a new educational system, international students can easily overlook the importance of these activities. It tells the employer a story of who you are and what causes you care about. In combination with good grades, it can prove effective time-management skills. It shows that the student is successful both inside and outside of the classroom. It also set you apart from a bundle of resumes that primarily list academic achievements. Extracurricular activities can add more colour and personality to a resume and improve the quality of the student’s overall job application.

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