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Teacher's pessimistic mind-set and academic achievement

In academic courses, students suffer from various dilemmas. One of these problems is favoritism. Teachers knowingly or unknowingly underrate students and crystallize some negative attitude for some students. These attitudes may have serious impact on studies and personality of students. Students under such circumstances can not perform well and do not utilize his talent to build his career. Even though he works hard but his bad impression is big obstacle in getting high rank.

Many studies have shown that hostile environment, pessimistic outlook of teacher, repetitive failure in task depress anyone who is aspirant of bright future. Every student wants some sort of encouragement to do better task in order to make his brilliant professional career. Students who are career conscious put utmost efforts and apply knowledge to get outstanding grade in school/ college courses. Sometimes unenthusiastic attitude and adverse environment leads to low grades and students are disappointed. Under such conditions, student's performance graph is in decrement trend which is unacceptable to parents as well as society. At this stage student needs effective counseling but parents or teachers sometimes fail to understand student's inner feelings. As an expert advice, it can be said that negative outlook of teachers and administrators may sometimes underpin students to accomplish their goal. It is a temporary phase. When students complete school education and join college, they get an opportunity to show their talent in professional courses. If they were gripped under favoritism in school, they will come out with this problem in college and improve their score. They must not be worried about impediments of career. It is a truth of life that we discover a lot to deal with complex situation from bitter past.

It is natural instinct that people do not tolerate other's triumph. Good students usually face unfavorable environment if they do not belong influential family or they do not have much resources. In our society, person is overlooked, pessimistically evaluated if he fails to do the task. Depressing feelings emerge but at the same time such experiences teach great lesson to proceed further. Slowly students manage educational problems and sometimes-negative attitude of others make him stronger to do better job. "The more they are negatively valued, the more they work hard to prove themselves as a bright student." This belief sometimes applies to students who suffer partiality in academic sessions. Once the tactics of success are learnt, students don't need to look back. They get immense success in profession due to their ability.

It is very necessary to analyze the situation and look the challenges of life. Students may experience partial behaviors from others but they have to resolve it tactfully and never let down their moral intellect. If they follow other's hostile approach, they will spoil their career. Once they discourage and leave everything to luck, they will fall in deep well where they will never get a chance to come up. Students are advised to ignore actively such negative attitude of surroundings and do not lead life on other's belief. Always think- It is your life and you have full right to develop elegant personality through your intelligence. Those people are worthless in your life that have negative thoughts towards you or do not have good judgment power. You know yourself better. You can judge yourself by completing assignment and cross check with answers. Students can also verify their answer sheet with their coach and know where they stand. Accordingly they plan their study. Finally, it does not matter what others think. The important factor is that what your performance level according to expert is.

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