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Surface knowledge is detrimental worm in academic education

Today education system is revolutionized due to various competitive examinations conducted to select suitable candidate for professional courses and jobs. Students study pattern is also affected and they are sometimes misguided as how to manage their studies. The issue of surface knowledge is heated up in current education culture. Students just want to know what the subject concepts are. As it is known from centuries, little knowledge of any subject matter creates misunderstanding. Academic educational sessions are very important for student's career which may boost or degrade lifestyle. In regular studies, students need to put their extreme efforts and time to gather information from all possible reliable sources and understand every aspect of the topic in depth so that they can be fully prepare to apply that knowledge whenever required. .

Sometimes students ask why we learn more for competitive examination. There are multiple choice questions and options are also available. We can recall and mark correct answers. This is the great misinterpretation. Objective type questions can not be attempted if one does not have detailed knowledge of subject. These questions are designed by highly qualified experts and twisted in such a manner that without deep understanding, it is very difficult for examinee to select correct alternative. Even student has made correct choice at that time but without deep understanding, he can not be successful in long run and may be expelled from job which will be intolerable.

Surface knowledge of any subject familiarizes with few concepts and facts. It is not enough to identify what terms are. These poor foundations will never going to pay in future and when time lapses, students will not be in a condition to review the texts. Even though one has completed the professional qualification, continuous studies are recommended to refresh with latest development. Otherwise person has to face disappointment which leads to job frustration.

Profound knowledge keeps brain active and students have better position to represent themselves. They can participate in argumentative discussion, provide better solution to problems in educational realm and they remain in focus in the eyes of experts. In Hi-tech world, there are several ways by which we can enrich our brain for specific subject, job, or business. Internet, magazines, TV and Newspaper, libraries are few examples. But before preparing notes, students must assure that whatever he/she is going to learn, it is from genuine source. Sometimes student complains that we are not getting much text in particular subject. How can we learn? It is always better to ask professor or expert. He will guide and advise journals, research report to go in depth. If any queries arise, students must approach to their guide. Sometimes peer rivalry may affect student's learning pattern. Students must have to choose proper channel by which they can improve their studies. One more important advice can be given to students when there is no way to get correct information about topic for which they are preparing specially in examination time. They can contact counselor either by visiting his/ her place or take counseling online. It will clear all doubts and studies can be done in more professional way. Counselor can guide in diverse direction. Tensions, anxiety and workload burden can be reduced. In some subjects, it has been observed that information is not appropriate in notes, books and when student come out from examination room he realizes that he learned the wrong concept. It is stressed that professionally written books must be selected for studies. Finally, it is advised that when student come to know new concept in subject matter, he must workout all possibility to get more information. This will make a habit of learning and will lead to success in career.

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