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School Exams - Smart Approach

Plan of Action

When it comes to prepare for any exam, every aspirant must firstly follow a comprehensive plan of action to get success. This is applicable to those students, who are preparing for School Board exams as well.

  • When the academic year starts, students must divide their entire syllabus into an effective "Time-Slot", according to their individual speed level. The speed level of preparation differs from person to person. So, the individual must prepare the Time-Slot, without anyone's aid in a sincere way.
  • While preparing this preparation time-slot, students must give more time for the tougher subjects. Identify such subjects and move accordingly. For this preparation chart, students must divide the entire syllabus with the available time in a realistic way and plan their studies therefore.
  • Students must not over-estimate the time they have. It is always recommended to have free time slots in between, to accommodate any possible delay in completing the study part of the syllabus in the required Time-Slot.
  • For example, the XII class syllabus of Physics in the CBSE board has 14 Chapters. These 14 Chapters must be divided in such a way that the students should cover them by November, as almost all the schools start the Pre-board exams or Revision exams from the month of December of that particular academic year.

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