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What is Situational Judgement Tests?


Situational judgement test is a part of the aptitude test which assesses decision or judgement required for solving problems, particularly work-related situations. Questions in the test offer the examinee with hypothetical and challenging situations which they could face at work.

The name might sound unfamiliar for many, Situational judgement tests have been used for several decades. Since these tests are used for assessing the interpersonal qualities, non-academic skills and practical intelligence, which are quite unable to measure. The results will give a complete picture of the candidate’s talent and skill for a handling a particular job or task.

For example, a question might be like: During a meeting with your Manager and the Chief Manager you find yourself in the middle of an argument between them. Since, you are already aware that there is a lot of difference of opinions between them, you are asked to support their view. Option A) You accept the idea of the Chief Manager. Since he is more senior and has more influence on your status in the company and therefore it is politically wiser to support her. B) You accept the idea of your supervisor. Since he is direct reporting head and has deep influence on your daily activities in the company and therefore it is politically good to support him. C) You weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of each side and decide accordingly without getting involved in their personal conflict. D) You believe that getting involved in this dispute would be detrimental to you as both sides are superior to you. Therefore, you refuse to pick a side saying that both strategies are equally successful.

Know the answers, option A and B are similar. Though the decision is taken by you it focuses on workplace politics, laying lesser importance on analytic abilities. So, they should not be better answers. Option C, should be the correct answer, since the response, displays the right decision making and the better understanding of situations involving your superiors, as well as the ability to analyse information and make an informed decision. Option D, is worst response.

So, how to pass a situational judgement test ? The answer is simple. First, diagnose the problem. When faced with any situation, locate what the problem is. What is the specific issue that needs to address ? when you find this, you will find it much easier to choose the perfect solution. Secondly, read the question carefully and understand the question. This will help you to analyse the problem before rushing to answer.

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