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Secondary School level preparation strategies for Maths

    Students at Secondary level can take up maths little more interestingly. All depends on how the student perceives and feels what is math's all about.

   Now proceeding to mathematical concepts, in the secondary level, firstly, as a student let us understand the theory of a glass half full or half empty. You should have confidence that if I get 60% in math's I know 3/4th of maths. Now start feeling that in math's, all I should strive hard is for only 1/4th of maths.

   As a student to do your little shopping where you can learn addition, subtraction at the first stage. When you are learning maths through shopping or going to a nearby market, you should excuse yourself if you did little mistakes. Do not get confused by calling yourself a fool or stupid. Do not worry even if others call you so. Everyone learns anything only by doing few mistakes. So, you can convince yourself by saying that you had a loss of Rs.10 and the shop keeper had a gain of Rs.10. Now this gives a way for you to understand what profit and loss is.

   As a student try and understand few things in math's and not everything, when you attempt to solve a problem. You should not lose your confidence if you could not successfully complete the sum. Now instead of feeling that you did not understand the concept, you can clarify with your teacher and understand up to a certain level. Now it will be the duty of your teacher to guide you through the next half of the problem.

   As a student, you need to change your mindset that in math's subject you need not achieve 100/100. Instead you need to convince yourself if you know 60/100 and the rest left for you to learn is only 40/100. Slowly split this 40 into four portions and make yourself realize it is easy to achieve more marks in maths. Even if it does not happen, you should allow yourself to gain confidence knowing 70% or 60% math's is equally good.

   Especially in the secondary level, a student should never start a new concept altogether with a new theory. You should introduce to yourself every new concept with the old and familiar concept, where your confidence increases. In short, as a student learn known topics and move on to unknown topics. Do not start learning from unknown to known topics. Start working and follow the Illustrations and examples and understand them at every step. Once you gain confidence, do the same sum without seeing. Next, go and try a similar problem from exercises. This way, keep changing numbers and solve the same problem or try similar problems. This will boost your confidence in maths. Also try to keep a new note book, put the date and do math's systematically. Go back to your previous day's work and keep gaining confidence.

   Slowly adopt this kind of interesting methodology; and learn algebra, geometry, cost concepts, time concepts, and so on.

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