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Why Mechanical Engineering is considered evergreen branch?


Mechanical engineering is often considered as the evergreen branch among engineering studies. Besides, it is the oldest branch of engineering, dating back to several millenniums when the first wheels were created and put to use by mounting them on an axle to make a cart. Throughout documented history, people have been inventing and building increasingly devices, instruments and machines in order to improve the conditions of life, which can be listed under the category of engineering.

Traditionally, the scope of mechanical engineer was around the areas like Automotive Sector, Power Sector, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Sector, Aerospace. Later it expanded to thermodynamics, robotics, kinematics, structural analysis, fluid mechanics with their applications in. But for the past several years, the scope of mechanical engineering has expanded rapidly beyond its traditional boundaries and is more about interdisciplinary in nature. That’s the reason why, we could hear, Mechanical engineers are in demand in new fields such as nanotechnology, development of composite materials, biomedical applications, and environmental conservation.

So any BE or ME graduate completing his major in mechanics can get employed at virtually any institute where innovation takes place. They can gain employment in various agencies of government, research and development areas of any industries, the management or consulting sectors. Besides, new construction, new infrastructure, machinery often needs mechanical engineers not just innovation, but also for service and maintenance.

Skilled mechanical engineers are high in demand in India and abroad. According to various reports, demand for mechanical graduate is expanding than ever before, it is said within the next few years, mechanical engineering will be the highest paid among the engineering group. Apart from this, the stream can be good alternate for software or IT, since there is some amount of uncertainty in the IT sector. Moreover, there are more aspirants can move to take mechanical engineering, since it provides the flexibility to join software and IT companies, where IT engineers cannot do the same.

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