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Why a career in Railway is better than others?

For a very long time, Indian Railways have the reputation of being, one of the best employers in the country. Besides offering good salaries, job security, pension, training, residential quarters, medical care, some of the jobs are even eligible for study leaves.

Let’s elaborate the above in details about the benefits which are several-fold. Firstly, Indian Railways pays good salaries to its employees. Along with the basic pay, employees get the benefits of grade pay, dearness allowance, travel allowance, house rent allowance and medical care. Secondly, Railways employees are provided housing in the residential quarters within railway colonies which contain all basic amenities. It should be noted that around 44 per cent of the employees reside in Railway Colonies. Thirdly, subsidized meals are available for all railway canteens to employees across the country. Most importantly, job security is the forte of the Indian Railways, since they value employees more and management doesn’t have a strict dismissal policy. Employees don’t have to keep worrying about job loss. If a candidate is hired, it is almost certain that it is for a life time. Besides providing a complete job security, Indian Railways also offer pension to its employees, which means financial security for a lifetime. In case the employee passes away, the family is entitled to get the pension even job on compassionate ground.

Apart from this, hospital and medical care facilities are also provided at Railway hospitals. In many cases, Railways also pays for the medical treatment under gone elsewhere.

To ensure professional growth, the Railways Management does provide training programs for employees at all levels. Every year around 3.2 lakh staff members and over 7500 officers undergo training. Employees are also sent to the best educational institutes in India or even abroad. The largest employer in the country also offers study leave for higher education, at its own expense. Employees who are sports person can use the Railway facilities to train themselves. This is applicable to even amateur players. Further, employees and their families also entitled to get free rail travel passes. It would enable them to plan their vacation. Above all, jobs in railways are stable. Employees would never face pay cuts.

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