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Meditation is penetrating in the Mainstream of Education

Gone are the days when meditation was practiced by monks, devotees or priests who lived in isolation and meditate to get peace and satisfaction. Meditation is now become popular in our educational sphere. Meditation, originates from Vedic Hinduism, is a wide variety of spiritual practices, which accentuate mental activity or calmness. The word meditation comes from the Latin meditatio; designate every type of physical or rational exercise. It is a fact that logical mind is very essential in any professional course. It assists to understand the professional exercises, projects or assignment and prepare us to apply in social situation. Meditation is practiced by centering the mind on a sole object such as a religious statue, or one's breath, or a mantra.

Many great scholars have said that healthy mind can think better and have excellent grasping power. Meditation is the way of healing ailment and important part of health care. Healthy student can build his future bright. In academic area, many educational institutes including schools and colleges are providing meditation courses and students are practicing daily to through out their problems and well prepared for grasping knowledge at school. It is practiced as a means of transforming the brainpower. The main intent of meditation is to relax humans. It serves as a devout way of curing human mind and body. Person who regularly involved in meditation practice live high order life. It keeps us energetic, active and helps in maintaining psychological balance so that we can fully concentrate on the work and produce good results. Through meditation, we get repose from a hectic life. It is a technique for refining mental control, as a means of gaining insight into the nature of reality, or of communicating with one's God.

In our literature, Buddhist meditation methods are very famous and very effectual in developing healthy personality. Buddhism has produced complete assets of reflection on meditation. The important aspect of Buddhist meditation is the practicality. The Buddha deals with realistic problems and resolves them in a concrete way. Today people face numerous problems in each phase of life. Sometimes they can not tackle the situation. Practicing meditation will strengthen their mind and empower them to reach the appropriate solution. It allows thinking about the problem in diverse way. These practices are very much closer to modern science because it is based on rational and logical principles. When mind thinks logically, it provides best solution. Buddhist meditation used the right brain centered intuition method in gaining knowledge. Meditation educate mind to high state of enlightenment from where person can recognize the true reality of nature in its totality.

Through various counseling methods, it is found that students go through several unnecessary problems and keep worrying. This affects their study. Systematic approach towards studies will definitely solve many problems. Through meditation, students develop insight to analyze the situation and solution automatically comes. Meditation takes care of mental as well as physical health. It is necessary to have sound health to enhance our educational status. Many times we are under great psychological pressures due to burden of studies. Meditation is influential method of stress and pain reduction. When fatigue is dominant and students have to prepare a lot for examinations or any important assignment, their mind become blank. Such problems are very common. Regular practice of meditation will keep the students to bear strain and prepare them for long sitting for studies. Transcendental Meditation assists in reducing tension and bringing equilibrium to life, improving health. New research stresses to teach transcendental meditation in. schools because results indicate that it improves the attentiveness of students. Supporters of meditating practice in school say that meditation make students to calm, less troubled and less prone to violent activities. Conventionally, education has focused the objective part of understanding without methodically developing the subjective basis of knowledge. The Transcendental Meditation technique increases the awareness of each student, considerably increasing their intellect, imagination, self-confidence and enthusiasm which are all basic requirement for successful education. TM really assists when students are under pressure. It makes them fresh and bright. They can better focus on studies, complete home assignment without any stress and obtain good results. Various research on the Transcendental Meditation program demonstrates that it is not better for particular age but effectual for students at every stage whether studying at the elementary, secondary, college or postgraduate levels. Regular practice meditation brings improved learning ability and greater self-development to prepare students for forthcoming competitive examinations, interviews or choosing career.

Many scientific researches confirm that the Transcendental Meditation program develops increasing use of the total brain. Students who practice this technique develop their hidden brain reserves, greater creativity, higher IQ, more competence in learning new thoughts, improved educational success, and better grades. They can improve standardized test scores on general academic achievement, social studies, literary materials, reading, mathematics, language, and work study skills. Students practicing the meditation program are happier, fit, less troubled and have dominating persona. They are capable to accomplish their own interests while upholding the interests of others. When they work on any assignment with interest, it automatically produces good result and this is an added advantage of their career. Researcher says that through meditation, students experience increased strength of self-concept, more self-actualization, greater tolerance, and broader intellectual capacity. Survey results of college students designate that the Transcendental Meditation makes them balance and does not trigger aggression even if the situation occurs. They can deal with situations using their intellect more and achieve things more in their support. College students view that meditation changed the life and prepare them to be noble humans who respect for people, take care of public property and generate feeling of co operation. These qualities are very necessary to strengthen country. Meditation changes the perspective of life and people learn to enhance moral standard. One college students said that it teaches an important lesson. Our aim of life is not just to know how to earn money as we are not machines. In my opinion, it is highly important to become a better individual which is developed through meditation. Majority of students think that The Transcendental Meditation program is the most important facet of their education, because anything can be attained with it. Meditation gives us great power to step forward in the path of success. It provide solid base for our efforts to achieve something. Knowing all above strengths of meditation, it is recommended to our younger generation to concentrate on meditation practice and lead better life. It not only enhances our educational status but directs our whole life and prepares us to face uninvited hazards.

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