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Dominant Interpersonal Communication toughen Social Relationship

Humans attain their social objectives through communication. There are numerous ways by which people try to acquire desired results. It may be through informative, conflictive, or through communication. It is essential in social relationship to communicate with each other. In their routine people meet many persons and converse with different style. With time, the relations between these people and the person changes. In our society communication is must even though people are stranger. Through communication, they can accomplish important task. Effective speaking, telling needs and wants verbally, nonverbally or in a written way is the fundamental need of social members to exist. In our society, we have different kind of relationships like family, school, job, public, friends etc. We have to interact with each group following some standard format. The nearness and the framework of these communications are very dissimilar from each other. Though the roles are changed while dealings but major communication process is starting with the sender, receiver and the message.

In family, people interact in different way to communicate needs and wants. In class, student- teacher interaction is related with courses and studies. The class is a kind of association and people must realize that interpersonal communication is an important relationship for effective professional development. Sometimes people do not use words to express themselves. Non verbal communication is needed to for interaction. Non verbal communication works visually. Signs or emotions or body language can be categorized as different non verbal communication tools. Various emotions play significant role in non verbal communication. Every person shows different facial emotions in several conditions. When a person expresses his views in verbal form, it has a common meaning for everybody but different facial emotions has the message and meaning in itself and every recipient interprets the message in a different way. Body language is the most important part of non verbal communication. For example, shaking head, up and down means yes or right to left means no or showing hand means hello etc. These non verbal communications is very commonly used in everyday life.

People communicate with each other according to their nearness. People, who are stranger, do not express their feeling very much and they converse in restricted manner. The communication process develops slowly and controlled. This is a low context communication. High context communication emerges between people who are very intimate. The communication is more natural and successful in this type of relationship. These communication kinds take place also the face work in daily life. Face work is significant and difficult in doubtful situations. Negative face work occurs when the distance between people increases. Positive face work is again appears when people have to talk to fulfill their needs and wants in daily life.

Persons utilize their understanding of themselves and others, their knowledge about social interaction processes and their communication skills to reach their targets. These three mechanisms of goal-oriented communicative action do not always work jointly; that is, persons may know the best strategies for achieving a particular interaction goal but be not capable to muster the necessary communication, skills to perform. On the other hand, some persons have mastery over high communication skill but they do not accomplish their goal due to imperfect knowledge. But these deficits are not unchallengeable. Persons are competent of obtaining information essential for generating new knowledge, correcting faulty knowledge, and overcome with skill deficits.

In present organizational set up, person has to develop effective interpersonal communication skills for his career growth and success of company. Employee needs to communicate effectively with his bosses as well as customers. In work place, many people have subordinates, colleagues for conducting official activities so they need to converse dominantly in order to be flourishing at their job. Individual's communication skills are heavily dependent on his cultural background, nurture and education. Sometimes, individual are talented but his incompetent communication skill is the cause of failure at professional front.

There are some of the famous Murphy Laws on communication which can be useful for developing good communication skill. These laws state: If communication can fail, it will. If a message can be understood in different ways, it will be understood in the way which does the most harm. In surrounding, there are many people who know better than you. By increasing your range of interpersonal communication skills, one can enhance his general efficacy and get job satisfaction. Everybody has a capability to converse well with others. The only thing is that one must have to learn the strategy. In fact, the other person with whom we communicate is not perfect in all means. It is a fact that we can get huge benefit from improving our interpersonal skills. There are certain conditions where we sometimes fail to communicate in effectual way. We have to improve ourselves referring to those situations. Everyone must assess his own interpersonal communications skill level. One way to understand about him is to feedback from others.

Improving interpersonal communication skills:
To improve interpersonal skill, person has to be more aware about environment because we learn many things when we are more conscious. If one is aware, he can better communicate because he can recognize what he has to communicate. The overall concept is to identify the situation, try and recognize the specific behavior patterns which are causing the unwanted effect. Person must modify his behavior pattern with a new strategy which is set of words or actions. Person must identify his goal. Thoroughly practice verbally in selecting some time slot and get honest opinion from a reliable colleague. Individual must know the fact that interpersonal skills development is a life-long challenge. At every stage, person has to learn, practice, expect some uncomfortable moments, and learn from them. It must be remembered that people know more than they think. They can be more practical to what they imagine. One can always perform better in interpersonal communication.

People communicate in different situations in daily life. Mainly people communicate their feelings with words or with their body language. Every person develops dominating interpersonal skill through his inner attempts.

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