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How to improve logical reasoning skills?


Logical reasoning is one among best universal tests to check the logical decision making. During the process of rational series of steps are deployed by employers and teachers to deduce the logical thinking of an individual. These steps are based on mathematical procedures, which enable to find the results which are very vital to determine, a candidate’s logical capabilities.

Besides, this test is a very crucial section in aptitude and I Q tests, since better developed logical reasoning skills make a person is able to understand, analyse and question arguments based on statements or questions. Logical reasoning questions come many kinds like number series, verbal analysis and logical problem solving. So a general approach to each problem type, which can be helpful to understand.

Let’s start with some basic logical reasoning questions in number series. First take a look at the numbers, are they increasing or decreasing? Then, if they do change, then by how much ? For example, if the question asks what the next number in the series is and begins ‘2, 4, 6, 8, 10…,’ then one could notice that the numbers are increasing by 2 each time. So, if 2 is added to the last number and the correct answer would be 12. In the objective question, 4, 2, 1, 1/2, 1/4…what should be the next number in the series? 1/3, 1/8, 1/14, 1/12. So if the pattern is being cut in half, so the next number in the series after 1/4 should be 1/8.

Next, let us move towards statement test, if we must assume each statement to be true and reason through the problem, step by step. But never infer anything that is not supported factually. Sometimes the answer may be obvious because it is logic that you naturally go through. For example, if Ramu is 11 years old. For 2 years, he has been asking his parents for a kitten. His parents have told him that a dog would not be happy in a house, but they have given him permission to have a bird. Ramu has not yet decided what kind of bird he would like to have. The options are, 1) Ramu’s parents like birds are better than they like cat. 2) Ramu does not like birds. 3) Ramu and his parents live in house. 4) Ramu and his parents would like to move. Since Ramu’s parents believe that a cat would not be happy in a house, we can reasonably conclude that the family lives in a house. Because, we do not know how Ramu’s parents feel about birds or how Ramu feels about birds.

Another example of logical reasoning, deals about the alternate meanings for a word. Window is to pane as book is to, 1) glass. 2) cover. 3) novel. 4) page. The correct answer is page. A window is made up of one or more panes. A book is made up of one or more pages.

Now we have tried some logical reasoning questions, we should be fairly comfortable with an approach. The key to these questions is to use the information that are given and to make a meaningful visual if it will helps to solve the problem. Believe it or not, a sound, logical argument could help the candidate or aspirant to get an edge in any exam or argument or it could be the difference between winning and losing.

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