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Failure Set up a Ground for Major Success

Competitive exams are great challenge in academic ground. Life is not as easy as we think. Sometimes we may get success and sometimes failure in task we execute to accomplish earlier set goal. Everybody tries its best but sometime experiences negative outcome. There are various reasons for failure. Collapse may be due to professional or family front. It is not fault of study pattern. It may be possible that students do not gather relevant material and go out of track. This leads to frustration and students loose their good sense which in turn blocks many other motives such as it affects in reading, understanding. Many situational or physical factors are also a cause of failure. Poor dietary habits, irregular sleep makes student physically weak.

Under these circumstances, student can not concentrate on studies. He works hard but mentally he is not active. These are some causes of failure. Every student makes its unique time table and studies accordingly. So the problems may vary individual to individual. When student realizes the reasons of failure, this is the first step towards success. If he analyzes what made him unsuccessful, he will try to improve. This will refine his studies and he will find lots of mistakes he made earlier. Here point to be noted, discouragement due to failure is crushing the academic career. If one has to achieve his target, he must have optimistic

approach. He must look forward and find alternative solution to deal with failure.

Many great intellectuals mentioned that when we are unsuccessful in one task, it is not the end of our future. May be some great opportunities are coming up and these opportunities may change the life of an individual. So it is worthless to think that failure in one task may drive away one's future career.

We learn a lot from past. When things are not in our control and we do not get success, this is none of our fault. We must continuously analyze the situation and ask question to oneself, why we failed to do it. It will clear many things and direct students to make future plan of action. It is to remember that we all are capable to do excellent job in particular field. The important step is to realize the inner talent and proceed accordingly. Students sometimes are misguided by peers and some society members taunt that why he couldn't do it. That was very simple task. They also comment that may be student is not intelligent enough to do well. It is to advice all students that these comments are irrelevant and have no basis to build student's personality. Sometimes student demoralizes due parental pressure. At this time it is advisable to maintain balance between studies and family. Parents are not rivals. They always think for the betterment of child. But they sometimes do not understand that their child is under great pressure. They have high expectation from child. If student is not able to perform in particular task or not well in specific subject, he must talk to parents and convince them that I can do better in some other field. These discussions will certainly resolve student's great career problems. When student choose right path, he will definitely get flying success. Failure sometimes works as a reinforcing energy, which pushes us towards positive future and attainable ambition. It is just a matter of understanding one's own power and potential and accomplish the same in real life situation to live successful life.

It is mention that repeated failure leads to many psychological disorders if these problems are not handled properly. Always keep in mind, teachers or professors are just catalyst. They can realize our problems up to some extent and provide solution on the basis of what we ask. We have to travel in the path alone and win the race through our inner power. This is the ultimate aim of our life.

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