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Co-education- To Be Or Not To Be!!

Coeducation builds confidence in a person and makes him/her a more complete person to live in a real world. Another reason for co-education is that a person's moral values are built at home, thus neither co-education nor same-sex education plays any part in damaging or improving these values.

The students are completely exposed to the opposite sex. Curiosity plays its role well in this regard. The wrong ideals set by the media and the awful bombardment of immoral images1 and characters fill the space left out by the germs of curiosity. This reality can properly be handled under the supervision of any true and sincere counselor /mentor at school.

Referring to the global situation, Douglas Alexander, U.K Secretary of State for International Development recently stated: "The global Community faces enormous challenges. The Economic Crisis, food security, climate change, energy insecurity, conflict, rising population ? these are the challenges of unprecedented magnitude which affect us all, and in particular the world's poorest and most vulnerable.

Under the above circumstances it is the need of the day that both men and women earn for family stability. Thus both the genders must be groomed right from the school age. It is important for both the genders to understand and respect each other. The economic system is to secure the widest and most beneficent distribution of wealth through institutions set up by it and through moral exhortation. Wealth must remain in constant circulation among all sections of the society and should not become the monopoly of the rich.

It is obvious that if the incentive of proportionate reward for labor, effort, skill and talent were to be removed, not only would initiative and enterprise be adversely affected, but intellectual progress would also be arrested. That is why the theoretical doctrine of equal rewards irrespective of the diversity of skill capacities and talents. On the other hand, one does not leave the principle of competition and of proportionate rewards to work itself out mechanically; that too would lead to hardship and injustice, and would retard the moral and spiritual development of individuals and of society as a whole.

Nasreen Fatima
(Principal of Neo Rosary School)

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