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Changing Outlook of Girl Education

Education is necessary for the growth of every country. It is the responsibility of parents as well as nation to provide education facility for every child because education is the fundamental right of every child. Educated persons lead better quality life. It furnishes them with the understanding and skills they need to recognize their capabilities. In some cultures of our social structure, there is less significance of girl education. If these trends persist, nation's progress will hamper and populace will not be ready for major global challenges.

Many people are not in favor of educating girls. Girls are not educated or restricted to take high level education due to several reasons. Gender disparities in education remain prevalent in many families or culture. These gender discrepancies in admission to school are generally caused by scarcity, unfavorable cultural practices, schooling feature and distance to schools. Some rising challenges that reduce girls' admission in primary, secondary and tertiary education are HIV/AIDS, conflicts, emergencies and other sensitive situations and gender-based violence. Parents believe that girls are not competent enough to deal with problem situation as they are considered delicate and innocent.

But today people's views are changing. There are more facilities available for girls. Government is taking interest in girl education to build strong nation. Girls are utilizing their talent almost in every field and getting immense success. Sunita William, NASA astronaut, is an example. Parents and societies are also helping girls to take challenging projects. There are many reputed organizations active at international level to generate awareness for girl education. UNICEF has launched the '25 by 2005 Girls' Education Campaign' to speed up its ongoing efforts towards the world's promise of educating every child. If girls are given importance, the futures of girls will be much brighter. Boys will also get many benefits. Jobs and enrolment will increase for both boys and girls. The World Bank is also making its great effort to empower girls and women. The Bank has assisted to perk up life of girls in developing countries by providing various loans. The World Bank has identified the importance of girl education and feels that there is no investment more effectual for achieving development goals than educating girls.

In present scenario, girls' enrollment is in upward trend because people have realized that there are several convincing benefits related with girl's education. If girls are well educated, they come to know many health hazards through their knowledge and there will be decline in child and maternal mortality. Through their great understanding they can plan better meals for family and make improvement of child nutrition and health. Education enhances women's domestic role and their political involvement, development of the economic productivity and growth. Better education protects girls from HIV/AIDS, abuse and any type of exploitation. Educated girls know how to handle the complicated situation. Today girls are not confined to house. Parents have rejected traditional phenomena and taking initiative to improve the status of girls through providing all amenities so that girls can develop sound personality and touch the height of success. Earlier, there was a common belief that girls should marry at the earliest. People had a feeling that this is the final settlement for the sake of their daughters. But today, parents are more conscious and search all possible way to educate their daughters to shield them from societal vulnerabilities. This changeover is highly beneficial for girls because it will not only augment their status but help them to utilize their hidden talents and make strong future generation.

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