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How to become a Best Performer at School and College Level?

It is a matter of debate that how a student be a good scorer at school and college level. In early childhood program, great importance is given on growth of scholastic skills, social skills and behavioral skills. Many teachers and researchers study deeply to improve the academic ability of students who are not good performer but can score if favorable environment is provided. These studies found that there are many barriers to school willingness and later achievement which must be cleared when dealing with school going child. These factors include poor educational proficiency; troubles following instructions and a deficit in social skills which obstruct students to achieve target.

A study of Developmental Psychology indicates that "the best predictor of later school success is early academic and attention skills". So it is important to understand that which ability is related to academic triumph of children and what the significant inferences for early schooling program are. The study of economist Greg J. Duncan, PhD, of Northwestern University shows that "an early understanding math concept is the most powerful predictor of later school success". In early years of schools, parents and teachers must handle the child carefully to make strong base for later academic success. "Academic skills are only one facet of educational success, and improvements in problem behavior or social skills may better predict other important school outcomes, such as a child's engagement in school and motivation for learning, relationships with peers and teachers, and overall self-concept and school adjustment" (Duncan, G.J, et., 2007).

There are many ways by which students can enhance their grades and learn deeply. It is important that students must develop self confidence. It will enable them to understand the concepts, lessons taught in school and they will think that they can learn in a better way and reproduce in exams. This is a vital step toward school achievement. Parents can also promote school confidence by encouragement and helping their children to analysis themselves as competent pupils. The next significant strategy for academic success is to understand one's ability level and favorite learning techniques. It is a fact that some students get success easily but others has difficulty in enhancing grades. Teacher or parents must not compare the performance of students with other classmates, siblings. Student himself does not think that his classmate is performing better in exams but at the same time he can not though the exam questions were same. These comparisons will make student a great loser. Here it can be suggested that student must explore what factors led to poor performance. These factors may be surface level of study, time management or answers were not written well. Student can take guidance from educational counselor. There are several online counselors available to provide counseling at affordable rate. Their counseling packages are Rs 250/- 1000/- depending upon the problem.

Another vital factor in improving grades is to take small steps toward performing better in school. Create a plan for upgrading and observe all minute steps involved in achieving a target. Always contact teacher or professor whenever you face any obstacle in learning or in completing assignment. It is sometimes observed that students hesitate to ask teacher because they feel, they should not disturb teacher for simple queries. This is not wise thinking. Students should not afraid to speak frankly to teachers about anything related to course. If queries are not solved it will affect your grade because silly mistakes can create blunder. Teachers are well trained and know that student can have problems in particular subject or assignment and teacher can advise numerous methods to complete study task assigned to students because they have deep knowledge and experience. It is necessary to convince parents to attend parent-teacher meeting because teacher can interact with parents discussing weakness or strength of student and communicate all characteristics of student's school performance. Student must know that parents and teachers are associates in assuring student achievement. If some mistakes are done in home assignment which are not considered as major, then student must bear in mind that it happens and it is normal for all. Never discourage and develop a feeling that I can not perform a task without mistakes. It will affect performance and if these thoughts become firm, students will have difficulty in doing advance courses. In order to get praise from teacher, students work very hard. Sometimes, it is observed that they deserve for reinforcement for assignment but teacher does not appreciate. It leads to disappointment. Here, it is advised to judge you. If you did well, praise yourself and work hard. Teacher will appreciate you later on. These are few approaches discussed. There are individual differences and every student has typical way to study, learn concepts and reach to solutions.

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