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Is Night Study better than day ?


There is often an endless debate among the students, that which is the best time to study ? Night or during the day ? Some argue that night is the best since there isn’t anyone to distract or disturb, other mention that the entire day is fresh and bright. Though each as its own advantages and disadvantages, let’s list out of the them individually.

Studying during the day, after a night’s sleep offers plenty of energy and good concentrate on the next day. Since our societies and communities are programmed and structured around being active during the day and sleeping at night. As the routine is followed for several centuries, most of us plan our learning and studying, according to the structure gives a lot of benefits including buying a book or going to a library. Besides, everyone finds easier to communicate with the friends or teachers during the day if they have any questions or doubts. Further more, natural light is always good for our eyes, since artificial light could hurts our eyes and can disturb the normal sleeping pattern.

Now, let see the benefits of studying at the night. Everyone is more active, the entire day is filled with louder and noise. But at the night, when everyone goes to sleep, there is peace and serenity. Besides, at night there are very few distractions than the day and there would no one to disturb you. Additionally, calm and tranquility might look different by night and thereby increase your creative efficacy.

There are advantages and disadvantages on each side, however, it ultimately depends on the individual preferences. Since, one cannot highlight the best time to study, and it all depends on your personality, subjects, time management and natural sleep cycle.

Either you study during night or day, sleep is always essential. Healthy sleep is not just a rejuvenating element, it is critical for everyone. Since sleep gives helps to bring freshness, retain information and improve our learning skills. One must remember adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per day. Good and sound sleep helps to maintain a good health routine.

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