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How to Tackle Competitive Examination

All students who plan to appear in competitive examinations should concentrate on strategies for tackling them. The most important thing in a competitive examinations is to attempt the questions in appropriate way to obtain high marks.

It has been observed that many students could not get success even though they work hard, mange their time in efficiently and prepare hard for the exams. Therefore it is necessary to know how to tackle the questions during the exams.

First of all, candidates should give time to read the question paper to know the weight of questions in each section. This is because sometimes exam paper carries questions with high, medium and low weighted value. Once student knows the weightage of each section; they can start solving them accordingly. This will help them to score high.

The major reason of failing is that students do not manage time properly during examination. They take long time in solving questions in one section and fail to solve the questions in the other sections.

Some students focus on English section and take long time to solve questions in other areas and could not find time to solve comprehension section which is of high score.

The best way is to allot sufficient time to all sections. Candidate should attempt questions with high value score first. At the same time they should not skip any question in other section due to lack of time. They must cover questions in all the sections.

Another important factor is to maintain speed. Candidates must learn shortcut methods to solve the questions quickly. Candidates must learn multiplication tricks to maintain speed, especially in numerical ability/quantitative aptitude. Other techniques should be learned to solve questions.

It is stupidity to solve questions with guess work because there are chances of getting negative score.

Numerical tests are good for some students but others may find it difficult therefore candidates must attempt those questions first in which they have confidence to solve quickly. Students are advised to pick easy questions first that they can solve it quickly.

Logical thinking is the vital factor in attempting competitive exam questions. Sometimes logic thinking can help find answers of those question which students refuse to attempt.

It is advised that candidates must read a question to understand it clearly. Above all, they must develop confidence level and attempt the questions without any stress. This will help them obtain high score.

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