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Graduate Record Examination GRE

The Graduate Record Examination or GRE is a Standardized test that is intended to help the graduate schools (of all subject areas other than business) assess the potential of applicants for advanced study. More than 2300 higher educational institutes / universities in the US require GRE scores from each applicant. The GRE Subject Tests check the undergraduate achievement in eight specific fields of study.

A candidate may take either GRE General Test or GRE Subject Test or both depending upon the courses and the Institute or University requirements.

The GRE tests the fundamental skills such as Reasoning and Comprehension included - and does not require any subject-specific theoretical study. (This is true only for the General GRE Test, and not the GRE Subject, which is required by certain universities. In this section, we mean the General GRE Test whenever we refer to the GRE Test)

GRE is planned in such a way that it would be unlike any other test you would have taken at school or college. First, the test has no question paper or answer sheets, nor does it have the same set of questions for all the examinees. Further, it does not give you the option of not answering a question (unless, of course, you run out of time at the end). All this because the GRE Test is an entirely Computer based test - the keyboard and mouse do the work of a pen or pencil.

The test is scored out of 1600 (in multiples of 10). The GRE Test is only one of several parameters which the graduate schools look at to determine the selection of an applicant. A high score alone does not translate into an admission offer from a great school. But the test can be looked upon as the first major hurdle to be cleared in the process of getting admission into a Graduate school of your choice.

The GRE is conducted by the ETS (Educational Testing Services), United States of America. GRE is administered worldwide in two separate sets by Educational Testing Services, United States.

GRE or Graduate Record Examination is a consistent examination to get admissions in the graduate colleges or business schools based in United States and many other countries where English is the major language. GRE is conducted by Educational Trust Service (ETS), it is an organization based in US. Candidates who aspire to pursue a Post-Graduation degree in Management, MBA or Doctoral degree are eligible to appear for this examination. Additionally GRE has revised the pattern of General Test as there are seven subjects in GRE Exam which tests the candidate’s knowledge in their corresponding field. In August 2011 a major change was done and revised the General Test and is known as the utmost used test in the world. There is no precise eligibility criteria for opting GRE Exam. Candidates can apply for the exam regardless of age and educational qualification. But the candidate is supposed to satisfy the eligibility criteria of the institute in which he/she is applying.

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