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Exam Results India 2016

Gone are the days when you had to visit your institution and cram to see the notice board. Gone is also the embarrassment of acknowledging your performance in front of hundreds of co-student.

Modern technology and the internet give you total privacy and the choice to celebrate your results with the world or to suffer your disappointment in solitary retirement until you are ready to share it with the world. Listed below are some of the portals where you can view your results. We will be adding more such result links in future. Get all public sectors examination results in India.

January 2017 Exam Results

  • Written Result - 13 Posts Of Assistant Divisional Dental surgeons in the Indian Railways Ministry of Railways

  • Written Result - 10 post of Dental Surgeons in the ministry Health And Family Welfare

  • Written Result - 49 Posts of Civilian Medical Officer in DGAF Medical Services

  • December 2016 Exam Results

  • Final Result - 139 Posts of Assistant Geologist and Geological Survey of India

  • Written Result - Block health Statistician in the Family Welfare Department in the Tamilnadu Medical Subordinate Service (2007-2011)

  • Written Result - Deputy Manager In ELCOT (Information Technology)

  • Final Result - Combined Medical Service Examination - 2016

  • Written Result - District Educational officer in the Tamilnadu School Educaional Service - 2012

  • Written Result - Post Of Village administrative of the Tamilnadu Ministerial Service 2014 - 2015

  • Oral Test - Librarian Tamilnadu public service commission in the Tamil nadu general service (2008-2015)

  • Final Result- Liberarian Tamilnadu public service commission in the Tamil nadu general service (2008-2015)

  • written Result - Posts of General Formen Techinical Assitant in the Tamilnadu motor vechicles Maintanance Subordinate services the year(2014-2015)

  • written Result - Post Include in madras high Court services

  • written Result - Post Village Administrative officer in the Tamilnadu Ministrial Service(2014-2015)

  • November 2016 Exam Results

  • Final Result - Engineering services Examination 2016

  • written Result - Librarian in Tamilnadu Public Commission in the Tamilnadu General service(2008-2015)

  • Final Result - National Defence Acadamy and Naval Acadamy Examination(I)-2016

  • written Result - Deputy Manager(II) in ELCOT(IT Department)

  • MAT Results September 2016

  • Written Result - National Defence Acadamy and Naval Examiantion(II)- 2016

  • Final Result-Combined Defence Exam(I)-2016

  • Final Result- 14 Posts of Manager Grade-I Section Officer in the Canteen Stores Department
    Ministry Defence

  • written Result - Post Include For Madras High Court Services

  • Final Result - Post and Assitant Libararian Various of Services

  • October 2016 Exam Results

  • Final Result - 24 Posts For Assistant director (cost)Ministry Finance

  • Civil Services Exam (Prelims 2016) - Results

  • September 2016 Exam Results

  • Civil Services Exam - IFoS (Prelims 2016) - Results

  • Final Result - Assitant Andhropologist 2016