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Note Making is a skill

Note making is a skill .One has to acquire in course of time. There some techniques and strategies to go about it. Here you will find some help.

  • Read the passage carefully. As you read, start marking the important points.
  • Note down relevant details.
  • Give a suitable Heading based on the central idea of the first paragraph .
  • Sub–Heading is essential .Find out associated details or ideas related to main heading.
  • Sub–titles–check if there are further details to furnish the notes.
  • Indent is very important. Space and Number must be away from the margin.
  • Sub–Heading must be written away from margin.
  • Use standard abbreviations and short forms in the notes.
  • Use abbreviations wherever necessary.
  • Close the notes with Abbreviation Keys in a box
  • Finally Summarise the paragraph with a Title for 80 words.
Note Making

List of Abbreviations and Symbols:

1.Capitalized first letter of words: WHO, FCI , NCERT, UNESCO,UK,USA,USSR etc.

2.Common symbols: e.g, -ve, +ve, =, @,? , : , /,etc

3.Common Abbreviations Govt, imp, Dr,Mr, Mrs, Eng,Sc, MSC, MA etc

  First and the last letter of a word with dots: Mfg.,Edun.,Poln.,Popn. Etc

4.Arithmetic symbols: €, ¥, Ω ,≥, Π, %,$,+,_,*,<,>,≠,∞,Kg,Mg, etc?

A Sample format for your reference


  1. Sub-Heading


    1. Point
    2. Point
      1. Sub-Point
      2. Sub-Point
  2. Sub-Heading


    1. Point
    2. Point
      1. Sub-Point
      2. Sub-Point

Abbreviation Keys: For example

Bks - Books Lang - Language 1st - First
UNO - United Nations Organisation Diff - Different Gen - Generation
2nd - Second % - Percentage +ive - Positive


  • Do not abbreviate every word.
  • Can make your own abbreviations but restrict to minimum numbers.
  • When you make your own abbreviations ,keep main sounds of the word .eg.Prog-Programme
  • Do not abbreviate Heading- Title.
  • Sub–Headings can be abbreviated.

Go ahead and complete your task.