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English-A Global Language

English is widely spoken all over the world and is predominantly the ´lingua Franca´ or a global language of the present era. Modern English is rich in vocabulary since it has assimilated words from other languages. English derivatives range from archaic English – i.e Medieval era to modern era. Consequently, these derivatives have strong foothold in Modern English. English is embedded with Latin, French and German words and phrases. It accepts, expands and dominates all branches of education and is the most important language of communication, Science, Information Technology, Medicine, Engineering etc. English is a gateway to knowledge.

Hope you would have understood the importance of English in everyday life. You must acquire good command over English language to be successful in life. Your language must be candid, clear and comprehensive. Due importance should be given to syntax, etymology, morphology of the language. So you should understand how important a language is!

The main objective of this article is to guide students of class xii with tips on preparation for English exam.

Now let us get into the objective. How to crack English exam successfully!!!Here are some tips for you.

Many factors determine success in exam. The main factor is time. Devote and schedule Time to self study or buddy study.

´Plan your work Work your plan´

Plan Ur Work Work Ur Plan
  • Plan and organize a schedule.
  • Get ready with proper study material: Divide the syllabus into units.
  • Plan a schedule- a time table to complete the units.
  • Plan workable and measurable goals.
  • Prepare brief notes, graphic organizers or mind map and revise lessons.
  • Work out previous year question papers.
  • All sections of the question paper must be taken seriously.
  • Be familiar with question pattern, marking scheme and types of questions.
  • Thorough revision on FAQS and important questions.
  • Follow 3 Rs-Read, Repeat and Revise & the last R- Relax.
  • Plan for a short break in the schedule.
  • Do not cram material at the eleventh hour.
  • Procrastination is the thief of time.

Positive attitude and conducive environment would facilitate and enhance learning.

An essential element for success is MOTIVATION.

Well begun is half done.