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How to Tackle Comprehension Passages

The most interesting and challenging task is to attempt comprehension passages in Section A of class xii English Question Paper.

Reading Comprehension Passages are mainly meant to test your ability to read and understand the content, vocabulary, and certain idiomatic expressions.

There are three important techniques to follow to pocket full marks.

Firstly, read the passage or skim the content and get hold of the skeleton of the passage. Read the questions carefully.

Secondly, come back to the passage and read with intent. Now look for specific information. Theoretically, this is the most important part in comprehension. Underline the main points with pencil and simultaneously look for new vocabulary in the passage. This section also includes some vocabulary questions. Comprehension passage If you are familiar with the word which is being tested, then it is fine but if you do not know the meaning, do not panic, use your reading skill to know the meaning from the context.

Thirdly, scan the passage precisely and mark all relevant details in the passage. You have to reflect on whether the main points match the questions.

Now you are ready to attempt the comprehension passage. However, you need to be careful with your language because marks can be awarded only if ideas are expressed clearly. Always brief and precise answers will fetch you more marks. Generally students will be tempted to pick out answer from the passage. You may tend to copy mechanically without really understanding, but the passage may contain some inferential questions. Consequently, you may not gain any marks for such answers. Beware of such practices.